Hello and welcome to A Taste of Rogue! We are so glad you are here! We hope that while you are visiting, you can leave with a good recipe, laugh a little, and brightness will be added to your day. Thank you for letting us share our life and passion for cooking with you!


You may be wondering why and how A Taste of Rogue was created. No, we are not dishonest and unprincipled women, nor are we large, wild animals that have been driven away from its herd like Google suggests. A Taste of Rogue all began our sophomore year of college when we became roommates and quickly, best friends. From the normal procrastination, coffee dates, ridiculously late nights, road trips, moving every semester, pizza nights, and throwing our own birthday parties, one thing seemed to always be involved… FOOD! We have always loved creating and cooking together in the kitchen. You know what they say… double the trouble, double the FUN! Of course! We always joked about owning a bakery together. And seven years later, both happily married and living in different states, a blog is what we want to share with you now. We both love food and are excited to share many of our favorites with you while giving you a glimpse into friendship as well. Many wonderful memories have been made in our years together, and now we are excited to make more with you!

Sooo ROGUE you ask? Well, it’s our Celebrity Supercouple name of course! Brad and Angelina… Brangelina. Kim Kardashian and Kanye… Kimye. Rosie and Loghan.. ROGUE. Your new favorite nickname right?? Rogue also was the name of our Pinterest board we shared between one another. I guess the name kind of stuck.


Meet Rosie!

IMG952015052995091908I’m Rosie! Growing up, my family had a rule. It went a little something like this… Rule #1, there are no rules and Rule #2, HAVE FUN!!! For better or worse, that still seems to be my mantra for life. I love to have fun! I am always PLAYING. Which is one reason I love to cook. I get to constantly play in the kitchen. I don’t have rules when I find myself creating something new. I might drink my coffee black OR I might add a little coconut cream and cinnamon because who cares rule #1 says there are no rules and rule #2 says to have fun.

Besides being in the kitchen, I am a full time teacher who loves to run, do yoga, drink coffee, and do just about everything outside. Watching New Girl is my current obsession and don’t forget to throw a little 30 Rock in there too. My goal in life is to bloom where I’m planted. Like yogis often say, strive to be less judgmental of yourself. I am still working towards that everyday, but not without the fun!


Meet Loghan!

FullSizeRender-2Hello there! Nice to meet you. Here are a few diddies about me… I am Arkansas grown, but three years a Georgia Peach. I love Jesus, teach second grade kiddos, love my lattes, and am happily married to my hunk of a husband Grant. I am always wanting to try a new restaurant or cook up something new in the kitchen, whether it be from my Mamaw’s collection of recipes, from my ginormous America’s Test Kitchen cookbook, or from some inspired idea I happen to have. Oh, and I love traveling and listening to good music. Adventures and concerts are my favorite! Did I mention, I secretly wish I was Joanna Gaines? Thank you for allowing me to share a piece of my life and love of food with you!