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We are singing The Final Countdown by Europe right now! It is finally time to launch A Taste of Rogue! This moment will always go down in history! We couldn’t be more excited to start this journey. And to have you join alongside us is even more exciting.

You may be wondering why and how A Taste of Rogue was created. No, we are not dishonest and unprincipled women, nor are we large, wild animals that have been driven away from its herd like Google suggests. A Taste of Rogue all began our (Loghan and Rosie’s) sophomore year of college when we became roommates and quickly, best friends. From the normal procrastination, coffee dates, ridiculously late nights, road trips, moving every semester, pizza nights, and throwing our own birthday parties, one thing seemed to always be involved… FOOD!

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We have always loved creating and cooking together in the kitchen. You know what they say… double the trouble, double the FUN! Of course! We always joked about owning a bakery together. And seven years later, both happily married and living in different states, a blog is what we want to share with you now. We both love food and are excited to share many of our favorite recipes with you while giving you a glimpse into friendship as well. Many wonderful memories have been made in our years together, and now we are excited to make more with you!

Soo ROGUE you ask? Well, it’s our Celebrity Supercouple name of course! Brad and Angelina… Brangelina. Kim and Kanye… Kimye…Rosie and Loghan… ROGUE. Your new favorite nickname right?? Rogue also was the name of our Pinterest board we shared between one another in college. I guess the name kind of stuck.


Our love for food has taken different shapes over our years apart.

IMG952015052995091908Rosie has really fallen in love with her small local farm her and her husband support. She has been involved with her farm, Tubby Creek, for over two years now. She can finally say she has grasped when specific fruits and vegetables are in season. (Tomatoes don’t grow year around, ya know?) She loves to eat, cook, and create recipes straight from the local produce she gets each week in her CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) box. Rosie loves cooking, baking, and eating mostly paleo, not only because of the differences she has seen in her life, but because she really enjoys taking gluten “full” things and making them gluten free. You’d often find Rosie sharing her love of local food with friends.


FullSizeRender-2Loghan is your southern, sweet bell. She loves friends and family with all her heart. Food has always been one way for her to spend time with those she loves, and it still is that way. She doesn’t mind cooking up a piece of catfish her dad raised every once in awhile, but Loghan also likes balancing out her southern cooking with a more healthy lifestyle. Food is still what she still uses to entice people into her warm, loving house. You can often catch her creating something new for those she loves.

You will be seeing lots of fresh recipes with local ingredients as well as some top secret family classics that have been around for years. Just don’t tell Mamaw we are sharing those okay? If we could describe ROGUE in food adjectives, you might hear us saying we are saucy, tangy, and even a tad bit zingy. Watch out, you never know what will be coming from the two of us. Come visit anytime! We would love to get to know you as we share our stories and treats.

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