B “oats”

Banana Oats Breakfast

I’ve struggled with stomach issues for years. I’ve tried countless things such as swapping my diet. I tried being a vegan, eating gluten free & dairy free, taking supplements, and trying different probiotics (kombucha/water kefir). You name it, I tried it.

Not a lot of huge changes were made until last September when I learned about a program called Whole30. It is 30 days of stripping away processed junk and eating real food. Things that don’t have a long exhausted ingredient list you can’t pronounce half the words on. The thing I love about Whole30 is there aren’t any gimmicky products you have to buy or hoaky supplements you have to take along the way. Only real food!

A month later, a book later, and a slight commitment to a group of friends who were also embarking on Whole30, my husband, Alex,  and I began. Unashamed, I admit that we failed miserably. We made it a week. We had a wedding to go to in Chattanooga where we were going to see lots of our close college friends (not a great time to be on a super strict eating regimen). On the way, we got in a miniscule fight, almost ran out of gas, and blew a head gasket on our car (of course).

At 2 in the morning, when we finally reached our friend’s house, Alex and I were rolling around on our air mattress laughing at all the unfortunate events of the night and discussing what we were going to do about Whole30. My husband knew he was doomed to crack. I had planned ahead and made us meals we could eat. Worked hard for hours in the kitchen before hand. But then it happened. I pleaded. We had already spent money and precious time. We had come too far. But at 2 in the morning and with too many good friends to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner with for two days, we made the decision to stop. Our friends were more important at the time.

It wasn’t far into completely alleviating food groups from our diet, that I started to feel different. I began to see the food I viewed as “healthy” wasn’t really all that healthy after all. Eating the “healthy” stuff was having more of a negative impact than I could have anticipated too. That week is when I began to make a shift in my lifestyle of food choices. I was beginning to understand what foods help me function at my best. This summer, I will be doing Whole30 again with my best friend and blogging partner. Stay tuned. Maybe you’ll want to do it with us. The whole thing too. 😉 Whew! Now that I’ve got that off my chest we can talk about more important things: BOATS. During our short time doing Whole30, I discovered something I’ll never be able to give up.


I prefer to called them B“oats” a.k.a. Banana Oats OR Banana Oats And Tasty Stuff. Because who is going to want to call them Paleo oats? Or Whole30 oats? Or better yet, fake oats?

I can’t get enough of these! They’re quick and a great excuse to use up all those ripe bananas you’ve got sitting around.

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Banana Oats (Whole 30, Paleo)
  1. In a small bowl, mash the bananas.
  2. Scramble the eggs in with the bananas.
  3. On medium to high heat, add 1tsp coconut oil to a nonstick pan
  4. Pour the banana mixture into the pan and cook for 3-4 minutes
  5. Add toppings: almond butter, nuts, strawberries (or fresh fruit of choice), chocolate chips, maple syrup, or any thing else that's tasty!
Recipe Notes

*For  Chocolate B"oats" add 2 tsp of cocoa powder and mix with the eggs and bananas.

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