Chocolate Chai Seed Parfait



It’s strawberry season and this year, I’m diving in head first! Erryting be straw’bury roun’ hurr!

It all started when I bit into that first strawberry of the season from the Farmer’s Market. There was a small party happening in my mouth that I had been missing all year. I’m not even kidding when I say it was a little bit of magic in a tiny, red strawberry. That’s why I’m going full blast with strawberry lovin.

So, welcome to STRAWBERRY WEEK!


Loghan and I seem to really love celebrating things in week long stints. Once, in college, we celebrated our birthdays for an entire week. But, that’s another story for another day. That was the beginning of week long celebrations… Just to give you a sneak peak, you’ll see strawberries in things, on top of things, or soaked in things this week.

This Chocolate Chia Parfait is one of my favorite things to eat ever, so it needs a proper introduction starting with the chia seeds. These seeds are quite the super food. Sometime ago, I fell in love with them. They are a great thickening agent. This is what makes them such a great option for pudding (or vegan eggs). Half of the parfait is full of vanilla chai seed pudding. It’s packed full of healthy fat, protein, and Omega 3’s which reduce inflammation and keep you full longer.


The vanilla chia pudding is the easiest. It does all the work for you. Put your chai seeds, coconut milk, and vanilla in a jar. Shake vigorously to make sure the seeds are not stuck together in a clump, then place them in the fridge overnight.


The chocolate portion of the parfait is just as delicious. It’s a chocolate pudding crammed full of another one of my favorite things: avocados. The first time I ever had avocado pudding was a few years ago with a friend who ate strictly a raw diet. I’ll never go back to sugar packed chocolate pudding.

The best part about these is that they take no time at all. I often eat them for breakfast. I prep the night before, go to bed, then wake up to put all the chocolate pudding, chia seed pudding, and strawberries together in a cup that I want before I run out the door. You could also make these for a tasty dessert after lunch or dinner. 


Happy Strawberry Week everyone! May your mouth be filled with much strawberry bliss this week!

What do you like to do with strawberries? What can’t you wait for to come back in season? Have you ever made avocado chocolate pudding before? Have you ever eaten chia pudding before? What’s your favorite quick breakfast?

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Chocolate Chai Seed Parfait
Chai Pudding
Chocolate Puddin g
Chai Pudding
Chocolate Puddin g
Chai Pudding
  1. Mix milk and chai seeds together in a airtight jar.
  2. Shake well and refrigerate overnight
Chocolate Pudding
  1. Add all ingredients in food processor and process until smooth.
Recipe Notes

*I did not use full fat coconut milk in a can. I recommend not using the canned milk for this recipe.

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