Chunky Monkey Cookies 5.2.16


This girl right here is a lover of anything sweet! I have always loved baking and finding the perfect ending to every meal. You know the one that makes the meal complete or the one that hits the sweet spot, just right?

My husband Grant, unfortunately does not get as excited about sweets like me,  so when I’m ready to whip up a new sweet treat, or just go out for ice cream, he’s never in the mood.  I am always a little disappointed, but since I’m frequently in the mood to go out on a sweet run, I guess you could say his his unexcitement for sweets keeps me out of trouble!

However, whenever I say, “Let’s make cookies!”  Grant instantly gets excited, because when we make cookies, we don’t just make any cookie. We bake his Mom’s FAMOUS Chocolate Chip Oatmeal cookies. They really are the best! They have become a favorite of mine as well as many other friends and families. These cookies are a staple in the Arthur household for sure!  (Since I am talking these cookies up so much, maybe I’ll get permission to share the recipe in a future post. 🙂 )

All to say,  these Chocolate Chip Oatmeal cookies have been on instant replay these past three years of marriage, and I have quickly learned I can’t eat them as much as we do,  unless I am satisfied with being as big as an elephant.


To mix it up a bit, for obvious reasons, I wanted to come up with another Chocolate Chip Oatmeal based cookie that satisfies that sweet tooth craving I often have. I got an idea from another sweets lover that you can bake bananas and oatmeal together and get a yummy healthy cookie. Well, I am all about the add-ins, so I created this combo  that I believe doesn’t disappoint!  The banana and chocolate chips add sweetness and the coconut and almonds add a delectable, chewy crunch.


So if you are in need of a quick sweet pick me up, try these out! They are delish! Want another plus? You can eat them for breakfast! Sweets for breakfast? What can be better??


What healthier options do you bake to satisfy your sweet tooth? Do you have any healthy go to recipes that you love to make instead of the alternative?


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Chunky Monkey Cookies
dozen cookies
dozen cookies
  1. Combine oatmeal and bananas together in bowl. Mash the bananas until mixture is smooth.
  2. Mix in the almond butter and stir until combined.
  3. Stir in the almonds, coconut, and chocolate chips.
  4. Scoop onto baking sheet with a medium cookie scoop. ( A kitchen spoon works just fine)
  5. Bake at 350 degrees for 15-17 minutes.
  6. Enjoy!
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